The Kavanewsky Team at CMG Financial is an elite group of experienced loan originators, processors and coordinators.

Whether you are a first time buyer, a savvy investor, or need to find the perfect home loan for your dream home, the Kavanewsky Team is prepared to assist. Above all, the team’s commitment to customer service is what sets them apart. Join the growing group of raving fans. Call the Kavanewsky Team today.

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Kory Kavanewsky

Senior Loan Officer - NMLS# 284503

Kory entered the mortgage industry in 2002 and has worked in several different channels within ...

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Anthony Pietrolungo

Branch Manager

Anthony has been in the mortgage business for 28 years. A born and bred New ...

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Ashley Ortega

Loan Officer - NMLS# 238561

Born and raised in San Diego, Ashley has been in the mortgage industry for over ...

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Bill Heon

Loan Officer - NMLS# 718928

Bill has successfully been assisting clients with large financial transactions for over eighteen years. His ...

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Jamie Tabor-Lewis

Loan Officer - NMLS# 1779630

Jamie’s career in financial services began in Texas in 2005, when she started working as ...

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Brigid Zambie

Loan Officer - NMLS# 276416

Brigid has over ten years of experience and knowledge as a trusted and qualified Loan ...

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Nathan Watkins

Loan Officer - NMLS# 289433

Nathan is a native San Diegan with years of experience in the mortgage industry and ...

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Rich Teichman

Loan Officer - NMLS# 328157

Rich has over 20 years experience in the mortgage industry, and loves what he does.

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Adam George

Loan Officer - NMLS# 1736859

Adam is Bay Area born and raised, where he grew up with a family in ...

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Kevin Scanlon

Loan Officer - NMLS# 1013044

Kevin has been assisting families with their home mortgage needs for over 15 years. Purchasing ...

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Martina Ramos

Sales Assistant - NMLS# 1287228

Martina began her career in the mortgage industry over fifteen years ago in operations. Over ...

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Jaclyn Cooper

Sales Assistant - NMLS# 1124154

Jaclyn has been in the mortgage business for over 10 years, and is licensed in ...

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Heather Perry

Senior Loan Processor

Heather began her career in the mortgage industry in 1998. She has since worked in ...

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Melissa Broderick

Senior Loan Processor

Melissa has been in the mortgage industry for over 30 years. She has worked in ...

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Nicole Clark

Senior Loan Processor

Nicole joined the mortgage/real estate industry at the young age of 19. Through the years, ...

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Theresa Eyerman

Loan Processor

Theresa comes from a diverse business background that includes extensive experience in real estate. Prior ...

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Malinda Gobozy-Hickey

Loan Processor

Malinda is a native San Diegan with over 20 years of experience in mortgage lending. ...

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Julie Pittman

Loan Processor

Julie is a well-seasoned professional. Having been in the mortgage business for over 16 years, ...

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Jake Daniels

Loan Processor

Born and raised in Southern California, Jake has over 8 years of experience in the ...

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Jonathan Fajardo

Production Assistant

Jonathan grew up in the Coachella Valley and has been in the mortgage industry for ...

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Toan Tran

Closing Coordinator/Funder

Toan began in the mortgage industry in 2002, and is very passionate about each and ...

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Stephanie Pereira

Client Liaison

Stephanie has over twenty years experience in organizational coordination and communication. Having worked with government ...

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Rachel Silva

Marketing Coordinator

Rachel is experienced in digital marketing, social media, and politics. She has a diverse background ...

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Heather Phan

Systems Specialist

Heather spent many years in the test prep industry helping students attend their dream schools. ...

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Ray Ogo

Production Assistant

A native of San Diego, Ray has been in the mortgage industry for over 11 ...

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Sandra Perez

Executive Assistant

Sandra's background is heavily focused in public relations, strategic planning, and diplomacy. Sandra graduated with ...

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Brianna Beer

Administrative Assistant

Brianna has an extensive background in administrative work and operations. A native Californian, Brianna ended ...

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